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Guardian Cadet Series Bundle


How Much Would You Risk For Your Dream?

Get everything from the Guardian Cadet Series.

  • A signed paperback of Merry Arlan: Breaking The Curse
  • A signed paperback of Merry Arlan: Finding The Heir
  • 2x Guardian Cadet Series zines
  • A Guardian Cadet Sticker
  • A postcard map of Terya
  • A postcard invitation to the Elven Queen's Ball
  • And 1 of 5 character bookmarks

The total value of this bundle is £40


Merry wants to be a Guardian, there's just a few things standing in her way: her gender, her secret heritage, her penchant for questioning authority.

In Book One: a Guardian Colonel comes to Merry for help, and with an offer like "I'll sponsor your Guardianship petition" how can she refuse? She's only risking her entire life.

In Book Two: With the fallout of book one, Merry's carefully secreted heritage has been laid bare, now the Elven Queen is requesting her presence on the Isles. Thankfully, with an Elven prisoner in Guardian custody, she won't be going alone.

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Last updated Nov 8, 2023

Signed paperback copies of Merry Arlan: Breaking The Curse and Merry Arlan: Finding The Heir, 2 Terya Tales short story zines, a Guardian Crest sticker, 2x Guardian CAdet Series post cards, and a character bookmark

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Guardian Cadet Series Bundle